Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I know Halloween is near but, I'm not really a ghost!!

I really need to update this and I promise I will. We will be on vacation soon and I will have some time to do it. My absence stated with vacation I think and then the summer and I was just enjoying life and honestlly, I'm not really a blogger! There I admitted it, I was a good faker for a while but I'm not. I will go back and do my best to try and be a good blogger lol. I adore people who can write well, I soooo wish it was me :)
Basically we have been trying to network in hopes of adopting and still no luck yet. The tide may be changing, I am getting a feeling. Who knows we'll see. I will be back and I will back up and fill you in onour summer months and more, even Sammy sweetpea's 3rd Birthday!! What a big boy now!!!
Ok, adios for now.