Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Alive!

I'm here and breathing freely now, thank god! Had an ear and sinus infection...yuck. I hate being sick. I have never had so many colds until Sam! But.... I will never stop getting and giving smookies to my sweet pea when he is sick!!!! I was a cleaning machine today. Lots of built up energy from not doing too much in a while. All the Christmas stuff is away. The house looks so blah now. Tomorrow I will put up the Valentines day stuff. Speaking of Valentines Day, we will have a very special guest visiting during that weekend. My friend Britney will be here from Texas! I am soooo excited to meet her. We met online almost a year ago and have talked since and now we will get to meet in person. She has never been to NY so we will be doing the tourist stuff. I love when people visit, it makes us do that stuff. It's crazy we live in the best city and yet don't take full advantage of it usually.
Hmmmmmm.... what else is new, Sam is a lil' picasso. He loves painting. We sent his birthmom some of his artwork and she got it today. She called and said it was so beautiful and he did such a good job. I told her to get the folder ready for more to come!! Kenny's birthday is coming up and I don't' know what to get him. Gotta put on my thinking cap. Sam will get more practice making his second cake for daddy! He made his first in Nov. for the Marine Corp birthday, and since his daddy is a marine it was made with love for him. I have pics but not on the computer. :(
Oh well I'm sleepy. nighty night!!

Monday, January 4, 2010


It's Monday! I can't believe it's January 4th already, time really does fly. We had a great weekend. New Year's day we just vegged. Saturday was full of cleaning. We are cleaning out the back room upstairs that will be Sam's big boy bedroom! Wow, big boy room, I really want another baby but that will make him a big boy and that's scary!! Sunday, Kenny and I had a date, mmmhhmmmm I said date! We got dressed up and went to a fancy hotel near our house and had a fabulous brunch. Lobster, french toast and mimosa's yum-yum!! :) Then my cold was getting worse so I came back and snuggled with Sam for the rest of the day, watching cartoons. I went out and got a netti pot for nasal rinsing, they are great! Really cleans them out. Now it's Monday and we are off to do some errands in the freezing cold. I have to mail out my package for Birthmom Baskets. Its a really great thing a birthmom named Gina is doing. She makes these baskets for birthmoms so they won't have to leave the hospital empty handed. The baskets are filled with all sorts of goodies, nice lotions and body washes, candles, journals, manicure kits and pampering stuff like that. She takes donations so, if you have any new stuff you would like to donate, I can give you the address. Then I think we are headed to the carousel. A fun indoor thing to do since its so damn cold out. I know I haven't mentioned this in a while but, we are still talking to a really great woman about adopting her baby. I am soooo scared, I really can't even write about it. I am afraid of our hearts, and hers breaking. I am thinking positively, if its meant to be, it will! That's it for now, ttyl.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!! 2010

Welcome 2010, can't wait to see what miracles and blessings you bring this year! Last night was fun. Kenny was off last night, that alone was a blessing. He usually works new years eve, but we had him here with us. Can you believe 10 yrs ago was our first New Years together. He was working but it was the millennium, yikes doesn't seem that long ago we were waiting for 2000!
Well last night it was us, Sam, my mom and dad, Deb and baby William. Big Will stopped by while he was working to say hi. We some snacks and then Deb brought her famous taco salad, yum!! I made baked ziti to go along with but I could have just eaten the taco salad, I just love it. We put the kiddies to sleep and then played Scattergories. Fun game, we had alot of laughs. Time to ring in the New Year!! YAY!!!!!!
When we got up this morning we did party hats and noise makers with Sam. He saw the stuff on the table and said party! coooollll!! lol he's so funny.
Oh yeah, we had snow yesterday morning and we made an awesome snowman. We finally had snowman snow!!! :)
Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!!