Sunday, February 28, 2010


Sam and I make a good team! We used our marshmallow shooters to get the MONSTERS!! He is obsssed with monsters and we were running all over the house taking the monsters out. Under the bed in the shower, hiding behind the couch. LOL! We had soooo much fun! My kid is hysterical and so awesome. Ohhhh and he counted to 10 yesterday!!! OMG. how cool is that???
Got to see our friend Trish today. She came for bagels and to catch up, it's been a while since we have seen each other. She's very special and it was so good to see her.
The babies will be here soon. Nancy said the they weigh 6lbs each and we will meet them in 2-3 weeks! I wonder what they will be??? Her due date was supposed to be around my birthday but I don't think they will stay inside til then.
Oh well, I am sleepy and lord knows I need my rest to take on the MONSTERS tomorrow! grrrrrrrr.......:)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sam's big boy room!

I can't believe we have the painter's coming tomorrow to paint Sam's big boy room! Yikes! We are not moving him up there yet, mommy is not ready for that. We do have to think ahead since we are hoping to adopt again. You never know when it will happen so its better to be ready. I know it would be so much harder with a new baby here to do all that's needed to have the room ready. It's going to be so cute. Since daddy is a Marine we are going with a military/camo theme. We have the bedding already and ALOT of stuff to decorate with!! Kenny is so cute he has been collecting stuff wayyy before Sam was even born in hopes if we had a boy. We have figurines and helicopters to fly from the ceiling posters and all sorts of cool stuff. My friend Shannon will come and paint some stuff on his wall, she is such a talented artist. It's going to be so awesome!!
This is the newest stuff going on with us. Last week my friend Britney came to visit and we had such a great time. We went to the city and did the Statue of Liberty and FAO Shwarz, quite a bit of walking around. It snowed alot while she was here which was cool considering she's from Texas! She made her first snowman and snow angel and we all had a snowball fight. Had fun Britney, can't wait til you come back!

New Pictures

Sam and his birth mommy

heyyyy up there!

mmmmm snow!

I ♥ cream cheese

I was looking at pictures and thought I would post some. Sam is just so cute I have to share!! :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Here's some ugly!

I am pissed off! First I was sad, very sad. Now I am so freaking mad!!!!!! Why? Why? Why? Why couldn't she just send what she needed to send? Why would she do this to us? Why did I believe? Why us? Why? Why? Why? I wish I had some F**ing answers! I can't decide if its just plain mean or evil. What makes someone do this to someone else. If she had something to hide that she was afraid to tell us, then before we walked away Why? wouldn't she just take a chance and tell us. If it was just a game, I just don't f**ing get that and I never will. I mean I feel bad a little for some people that are so sick to hurt someone like that, but it still doesn't make it ok. What could have happened to someone to make them do that to someone else???? I don't know. I thought we had our one heartbreak with a scammer who said she was pregnant with twins. Now in all fairness(which by the way is really hard to do right now) I have no proof she is a scammer. She just promised something that she didn't do. And no, I don't mean she promised her baby. No one can make that kind of promise, but she sent back paperwork to the lawyer and promised to send the medical records too. This is part of the adoption process and she said she wanted to do an adoption with us. We were not being unreasonable at all, we waited 2 months and still nothing. So we had to make a decision, we had to assume she either had something to hide, was a scammer or didn't want us to be the parents. So we decided to walk away from the situation. It is very hard, because you get very involved and very attached. After all, we love the baby that is meant for us already and when you think he/she is in your life you become attached.

I am still sad but I am sooooooo pissed that this was 3 months of my life, but mostly because I put my heart out there and it got stepped on. It got stepped on and with no apology or explanation. I will get over it and when I am holding my baby it will seem like a distant memory. A memory that lead me to our sweet baby. These are my labor pains and I will endure them for as long as I need to, to have our baby come into this world and be with us! Isn't it what hurts us makes us stonger! Well we are extremely strong then! I hope our children will learn this from us, never give up when you really want something. Because we have never wanted anything as much as them!!!! They give us courage and strength to go on.
Bare with us there may be more ugly to come :(

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Playing in the snow!

Me and Sammy playing in the snow today with Britney!

One Year!!!

It has been a year since we started our adoption journey to miracle baby number 2! I really can't believe its been a year and then again I can because it also seems like longer. We have had a few situations that have not worked out and one just ended this past week. I am pretty upset about it. I will be sad and move on. After all I know when it meant to be it will be. I have proof with Sam!!!! We are waiting patiently for you our sweet angel baby!! Can't wait til you find us!! we love you! Mommy, Daddy & Sam