Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sam is a Rockstar!!!

Our son is awesome! He zipped up his jacket all by himself! He did it for the first time yesterday and did it again today. So now he knows how to get dressed, put socks on and.....zip his own jacket at 2 1/2 yrs old!! And lord knows we can't help him, he wants to do it alllll by himself!
That's all for now, just had to brag about our sweetpea. :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our last week at a glance!

I know I have been a slacker and have not updated, so here it goes our past week.
We had our visit to Baltimore with B and it was great. We had awesome weather and the lacrosse games were good. Sam loved it. Kenny, B and I had some really deep conversations and all I can say is we are so blessed and lucky to have her in our lives. The fact that we can talk about the stuff we do is awesome. Obviously I am not going to go into detail about what we talked about but, I know it is special to have such an open and honest relationship with our child's birth mom. Well the next day we went to Annapolis and Sam, B and I walked around town petting dogs and having ice cream while Kenny took a tour of the Naval Academy. We are definitely going to go back, its a cute town that we need to explore more. We drove back to Philly and went to B's moms house and hung out and had dinner with the family. We have the best time with them. I have been saving the best for last of the weekend. B asked us if we wanted to go and see her off to prom!! OF COURSE we do!!! We can't wait. It's actually this Friday coming up, so we are taking a drive and going to see how beautiful she looks and take a million pictures. I will definitely have to bring tissues!
The rest of the week has been pretty normal and not much going on. We've had beautiful weather so we have spent alot of time outside and at the park. Our yard is shaping up and we are ready for flowers, which I got yesterday. Then we had Joe and Catalina & the kids over for a bbq. We all had a great time but the kids had a blast. Their son Joseph is 6 and their daughter Francesca is almost 2. They all ran around for hours laughing,playing, fighting, getting hurt, getting dirty, laughing and then passing out because they were exhausted!! I have the pics to prove it. Today we took it easy and went to breakfast and then cleaned a little and after Sam's nap we went to Grandma and Poppa's for a visit. The visit includes the fire house. My dad is a volunteer fireman and Sam LOVES going to the firehouse and driving the truck and putting the gear on!! Soooo cute, everything WOW!! to him when he's there. Next it was Chinese and mom and dads and now I'm here. As always I will leave you with a few pics.
Francesca, Sam, Joseph

Sam washing the car!

B saying goodnight to Sam

B's brother putting on Sam's shoes

Birth grandma giving hugs

B and Sam at the game

B, Sam and her sister playing in the tent!

Meghan and Sam

Kenny and Sam

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fingerprints and Windex

I was thinking as I was cleaning the glass doors today, that I LOVE FINGERPRINTS!!! The bottom of the doors are covered in tiny finger and hand prints and it is a pretty sight! It means after all the years of having clean glass doors, they are now dirty because we have a messy lil boy in the house. I am happy my doors are dirty! They were clean for a minute, and then he reminded me he is here and left his hand print on the clean glass and....on my heart! I ♥ Sam

Yesterday I got my hair cut off, about 10 inches! I got it colored and highlighted too. I am sooo excited, it looks great, thanks Gina. I took a pic with my cell today, its not great, but it shows off the new doo!!

I am excited, we are going to Baltimore with Sam's birth mom this weekend. We're going to have a great time, I can't wait. On the way back we will stop at her house and have dinner with the rest of the family. We haven't seen her mom and the rest of the gang since Oct. so we are really looking forward to it.

Gonna head to bed, my bed is calling!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our New Baby is Here!!!!!!

Our new baby dinosaur that is!! Sam got a dinosaur egg for Easter and it hatched! We have a new addition to our family now.He's so small and cute, he's green and yellow and probably only a few ounces. Sam is already being a good big brother. He's giving kisses and brushing his teeth. How sweet! Gotta run I think I hear tiny roarrrring! lol!!
bouncing baby dino

big brother Sammy

I brushing his teeth momma!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sam's little cousins

So our new baby nephews and Sam's cousins are sooooo precious! We went to Nancy's for the delivery and then went back again on Sat. She and the twins came home on Sun. and it was sooo cute to see Julia and Sam with the babies. And how awesome was it that I got to take care of the babies during the night so Nancy could sleep. They are really good babies and I love them so much already, I was sooo sad when I had to leave. Good thing we have computers now!!lol! I get to see them all the time.
Ok...so I have a confession, last night I was sad. I have really been good through Nancy's whole pregnancy and even the fact that it was twins. But.... It hit me a little bit last night and I teared up and got that jealous feeling. Honestly I used to get it all the time before we had Sam, every time I used to hear someone was pregnant. I haven't really had it to much since we have been trying to adopt again, I guess because I truly believe that it will happen when its supposed to, I have Sam as proof now. Here and there it sneaks in and as guilty as I feel for feeling that way, it's the truth. I guess even though I know we will be blessed when the time is right, the desire for more babies is so strong its bound to happen sometimes. Oh well, I'm only human, just a human that loves being a mom.
Here are some cute pics of the Sam, Julia and the babies.

Easter pics etc.....

Sam's 1st time coloring Easter Eggs

Daddy & Sam

Easter Eggs!


Easter basket goodies


Happy Easter!

Our handsome lil' man

Sammy and his Daddy